hi, I'm Matias Facio

dancer / teacher / choreographer

Tango Argentino

I will always prefer that people express themselves in the way they want. Of course this way changes all the time when their concepts or pre-concepts are challenged and need to change.
People are not stupid. If I tell them that something should be done in a certain way because is better for their partner and for their own expression, most probably, this person is going to change his whole dance.

Why Tango Libre?

I teach people how get rid of wrong pre-concepts/myths so they can find and interprete their Tango in their own way.
I don’t teach a style (which should be the expression of a person).

Style: it is the aesthethical result of a set of concepts ideas and rules choosen by one dancer. All these will define the shape of their dance with particular/individual/unique characteristics.

I teach how the Tango as a dance couple functions and give tools techniques and concepts to the student for them to progress in a more complete way.

Technique is important to learn in order to move more efficiently. Once acchieved it, the dancers can continue to dance concentrated in their goal which is their own tango and expression.

Technique: Whatever technique we use has to be one created for the specifique dance we are intented to practice, where the health of the body has priority, and later the structure of the Tango dance.

Improvisation in Tango is the Tango itself?

Well, no, but let’s say that if you take it out, it won’t be Tango. So, there is not Tango without Improvisation.

La Caminata / The Walk

Why is walking so important?

Well, since everything you do is to take steps, you want to do it in the most efficient way.

It is said that one should walk 'naturally'. The questions is... naturally, you walk well?

So, how should you walk in Tango? I think that in Tango a person walks according to how they wanna dance (style) or what they want to do (movement). There is not one way, there are many, therefore, my best advice to you is to learn which one suits you or the movement you want to perform. If you need coaching for that, don't hesitate to contact me to schedule a private lesson, it can be take place online.

So, what I can do for your dance ?

My work is to coach singles dancers or couples. I will bring clarity to your technique, explain you the whys and show you a broader view of the Tango dance. I teach from beginners to professionals. I also travel to teach in different Tango communities from farther East to farther West, from North to South of the globe.

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Matias Facio
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