Cambalache by Matias Facio


Looking for magic?

I'm a multi-disciplinarian artist and will help you to build the Website that you dream of and until now you couldn't get. I will inspire and I will help you to find your image. I will Search Engine Optimize your website improving rapidly your presence in the Internet.

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About me

I re-started my career as a Web Designer. a career that I left for some years as I was working on other things, but I always loved to work with the internet and on my computer. This love started when I was 11 and since then I work developing small programs, websites and recently Web-Applications using React. React has become the center of my interest and the core of my work.

I speak Spanish, English and German . My Website is in English because I have contacts from all over the world that are interested in my work. But, if you wish to have an interview with me in German or in Spanish, I will more than happy to do it :)

My travels: for the past 16 years I have traveled the world from Latin America to Europe then to Asia and then I went to the west visiting Canada and the US. Berlin is my residence since 2008
My passions are traveling, design & love Argentine Tango !

Contact me / +49 177 4946 117